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Google In Apps


The Power of Google Across All Your Apps

 Find anything in any app, like messages, photos, contacts, media and more.

A few components,
A ton of Apps

The challenge was tough: design a flexible framework to accommodate various content types, across all apps Google supports, using the fewest unique components possible, within a strictly condensed UI.



Ranked Results

Using data from users routines, locations and recent activity allows us to intelligently rank results and surface content of interest without them even having to type.




An Icon worth
1,000 Words 

Establishing a strong narrative that informed the design process, I struck consensus amongst a large group of stakeholders, resulting in the official Google In Apps icon. (When a leaked version of the product's visual identity spurred bloggers to announce that Google was experimenting with "deep search in apps", I knew we'd accomplished our objective! #winning)



How Do People Search?

Vigorous research allowed us to prioritize 
searching by contacts. Once a contact is identified Google returns results clustered around shared digital interactions on all supported channels and platforms.

We were also able to intelligently decipher conversations from a single thread to allow users to deep link straight into the exact location of interest in any conversation. 

IPA Name Search Demo - Nexus (Android Messenger).gif