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Usual Suspects


Usual Suspects

Heart Disease, Cancer, Asthma, Stroke & Accident




Of the top 5 leading causes of Death Are linked to genetics.

Identifying patterns amongst large groups of relatives will let us hone in on areas to focus on in the battle against these fatal monsters.

In order to do this we will leverage databases like Facebook and to  build family trees.


The Goal

To inspire people from every generation and culture, to collaborate and participate in the experiment.

Collecting quality family health history records of a large and diverse percentage of the population meant that inviting others and sharing experiences would be a huge factor in the success of this effort. 



Attack a sensitive issue with a positive approach.

To keep users engaged and curious. each question leads with encouraging insights or preventative tips on the matter.

The Monsters bring a silly and harmless tone aimed at reducing friction with such a delicate topic.